Um, hii? #rottie #mac #me #puppy  (Taken with Instagram)

Thinking about watching 90s chick flicks on Netflix, all day long.

When he’s here, the bed is not big enough. Like it turns into a small rack.
And when he’s not here, the bed is like I’m floating out at sea all by myself encompassed by nothing but the feeling of hopelessness and the feeling of pressure of being in a space that is bigger than the universe. All alone.

Was that too dramatic?

It’s 9 and dark as fuck outside… And one of my neighbors is cutting their grass… Like they just started….
I had trouble seeing at 7 when I cut mine!

I wish josh was going to the field this week with P. I would love to have the whole house to myself.

MAC!!! I missed you so much! #rottie #puppy #me  (Taken with Instagram at Hunter’s Creek)
Just because

I’m a girl does not mean I want a hot pink, bedazzled pistol. For fuck’s sake.

Thank God

We’re through the PA Turnpike. Never fails to be the worst part of our trip. And P refuses to go the W VA Turnpike way.

Can’t wait to get home and see my pups!

I love the park.