Ash defeats the Pterodictylitis!

My sister is getting surgery on her eyes today. After a lot of researching and waiting, she found out they are now performing this surgery in the US. It’s not approved by the FDA yet so she is a part of the Study but she’s confident in her Doctor and did her homework. She has keratoconus. Or Dad refers to is as carrot-top. And Pat calls it pterodictylitis. I know she’s nervous as hell and I wish I could be there with her. After her eyes heal, she may be able to see better, which would be awesome since she’s near blind. But even if that is not the case, at least the disease is stopped and can’t progress anymore. And she’ll be able to wear these hybrid contacts that are a lot better than those ones that fit on and are just as big as her pupil. I’m happy for her.

Oh, and to the Starbuck’s customer rep that I spoke to today about THREE fraudulent charges in my name, you are a Bitch. That was not customer service at all and where I work, you would have been fired. Luckily, my bank will be handling this situation with you, and not me.

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    She made the right choice. To improve her vision even better she might consider Intacs, PRK, or Visian ICL.
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